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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

I met my model!!!!!!!!!

I met him… he is handsome and… perfect – he does what I ask for

Three things that made me happy today

1. A new, well working tripod (Targus TG-5060TR for only $14.99, the happiness – priceless) 2. 50 new people on Flicker in one week 3. Tasty lunch

First photo frame with daisies

In February I painted the frame with daisies but I have never finished it… Two months later, at the end of April, finally I spent time to do it The main green color on the back is too light but I have new green color as the base and this one  is really strange…  is [...]

Art class

Couple weeks ago I signed up for art class. I expected totally different classes for beginners…. Yeeeeeee. I was laughing with my husband I would have to draw still life… or naked models. The joke turn into reality. Below there are my first drawings. I wonder when I will meet the naked model

Day two

I try to find a nice, good looking theme for my blog… and nothing matches to my vision of it…. This green one, has an error inside… so it means I have to check how to build php sites… OK, work waits for me! One more news, more then 300 people visited my profile on [...]

The beginning

I bought my first fork which is older then 100 years… good day to start my blog This is my blog and my fork is Vintage 1904 – 1847 Rogers Bros.