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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Local mosaic artists and glass factory.

Today morning I will go to glass factory Spectrum Glass Company for tour. I can not wait to see the whole process how glass is made… I checked the company’s web site, all the information…. and soon I will be able to check it by myself! Mosaic ladies from this area will go and I [...]

Glass grinder – next step???

Do I need this??? I found myself in need of grinder couple times… (two right now ) When I was trying to shaped blue and green tiles to fit them into pendant, when I saw one mosaic with all the tile pieces with grinded edges… We will see, for now these are what I found. [...]


With friends’ help I tried my “new” tree and it looked like the glue worked better after couple of days. I had to do new tree, I put more glue and I waited couple days to test it… My first two mosaic pendants are finished!!! I am really happy, I can think about new visions [...]


The glue is not good, flowers can not stay on blue tile on my new pendant. I was able to tear them of with my fingers so it means I need another solution. E6000 is Crystal’s suggestion. There are so many trees to make… Probably the tile is too polish and the surface is not [...]

Pink triangles

Triangles… To deal with them is a big deal for me every time. I can not imagine how people do one mosaic after another not using squares, rectangles but triangles. It is a mystery for me. This is my second piece with these shapes and this one also made me crazy… To find perfect triangle [...]

Little happiness

In January I ordered blank pendants and I started thinking about the design. It is funny how many different ideas little pendant can give you… One more time regular geometrical shapes won (I am not even surprised) but I was surprised how many trees, flowers ideas were in my head too… So I made first [...]

Mosaic, my how to.

There are so many things to remember, so many names and I have them all on pieces of paper and I worry that some day I would lose them and so then… Good programmer has backup… so this is my backup What do I need to do my mosaic on wood… 0. If I need [...]

You never know

I should finish pink box, blue frame or two pendants which are waiting to be glued… but not this time… This time I took paint brush into my hands and I made frames for my friend. The friend has beautiful hand made silk for sari… the pattern is perfect for as many different designs as [...]

Blue Project

The vision about squares in different colors could not leave my mind… I bought different kinds of tiles in different colors, shits of glass, glass cutter. I spent hours on cutting. First I was terrified by cut glass. Through whole my existence I have heard my mom’s voice “do not touch the broken glass, you [...]

Pink Creation

My world is ruled by colors, shapes and my sweet daughter… Daughter is on the first place of course Gosia turned 6 February the 1st… and we are really proud of her… She is bigger and bigger and right now she waits for tooth fairy to come because of her two wiggling teeth… So, it [...]