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With friends’ help I tried my “new” tree and it looked like the glue worked better after couple of days. I had to do new tree, I put more glue and I waited couple days to test it…

My first two mosaic pendants are finished!!! I am really happy, I can think about new visions and I do not have to worry about glue… So nice.

2010-02-18, Tree in Bloom 00

Crystal as usual gave me lots of support. Gray Raven an author of many gorgeous pendants told me to check the glue’s strength after couple days… and it worked :)

So it is time to order more blank pendants…. This is the place I will use this time Captured Moments. The people over there are really nice and you can make a deal if your order is bigger. I will write more about their pendants when I receive the package :)

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  1. Crystal says:

    YAY! I love it!

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