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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

Mosaic can change your point of view :)

Last week I was working on many projects, at the end I had grouting party, I took pictures… I need more time to write about it but meanwhile I broke glass bowl… Normally I would feel pity for my bowl, clean the floor and it would be end of the story…. After cutting glass, working with [...]

Mosaic Green Frame and Light House

So many different tiles, so much sparkly glass and it is impossible to take sharp picture of that frame – of course for me. I am not a photographer, I do not have a studio or professional lamps… so I am safe, it is good enough when my pictures are close to be perfect. It does [...]

Spring in Mosaic

This is my vision of spring. I took pictures every couple hours to see the progress and to play with the camera and tiles one more time. Millefiori and tiles are like candies for me, colorful, tasty, sparkly, shiny and look good in camera. For the first time it was not SO difficult to work [...]

Mosaic Spring in Box

After lots of squares it is time for fresh design… Spring in Box. Last time when I was working on pink box and I was cutting all the triangles I told myself “never, ever”… Luckily for me, with this box the beginning was really nice, rich green colors and beautiful millefiori gave me energy and [...]

Green Mosaic Frame

YES, this time I chose green color. I know everyone can be tired of the same pattern in different colors. What can I do. RED was the first. My favorite color next to red is blue so BLUE was next. PINK was made because of my sister in-law (now I should think how to send [...]

Pink Mosaic Frame

I finished the pink frame. I am very exciting because it was very nice and fast work. The tiles worked for me… I am better in cutting glass and it helps a lot I Know what I have and what I can expect and the frame was smaller…. all together made really nice project. I [...]

Mosaic Frame in Pink

I did not have time to glue pendants – time, silence and focus were needed for that mission. It did not mean I was not doing anything…. I started Pink Frame. My camera is back so I could took pictures… of my work in progress. It is a smaller frame, I also work with my [...]

Mosaic pendants

After last day and night I have nine new pendants ready to be glued!!!! I love them, o my. Every time the pendant and the material I work with lead me to the design… It is really strange when millefiori and tiles with their shapes, colors, texture are like puzzles in my head… my hands [...]

My web site

I found theme for blog – the one I use now. I love it, it is all what I would like to have. Simple, elegant and functional – things that I look for in my live. So my next step is to convert my web site to look like the blog. After three days I am/ [...]

Mosaic Pink Box

Finally… the box is ready, my daughter’s two wiggling teeth are ready, so soon the tooth fairy should come One more time I found out that I should used sanded grout. NON-SANDED grout would crack….. how anyone can make non-sanded grout and sell it in shops for mosaic projects… it is not fair…. I do [...]