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Mosaic pendants

After last day and night I have nine new pendants ready to be glued!!!! I love them, o my.

Every time the pendant and the material I work with lead me to the design… It is really strange when millefiori and tiles with their shapes, colors, texture are like puzzles in my head… my hands work with tools, my mind thinks about idea and my eyes accept it or force my body to start the whole process again and at the end when I feel everything works as one I know the pendant is what it should be ( for me of course).

I do not have my camera, so pictures are the future… Anyway I have to glue the pieces together…. I wonder how people will react for the pendants…. for my ideas… I already have a big part of success – the happiness. Maybe people will feel this in the little mosaics… I hope so :)


  1. Crystal says:

    Why, oh why, do you not have your camera? You’re a terrible tease. Get to work and take some pictures!

  2. GraZak says:

    I did not have time to finish them today :( I still do not have my camera…. Disaster.
    One more pendant was designed – good news.

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