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Green Mosaic Frame

YES, this time I chose green color.

I know everyone can be tired of the same pattern in different colors. What can I do. RED was the first. My favorite color next to red is blue so BLUE was next. PINK was made because of my sister in-law (now I should think how to send it to her or make one more for her because my daughter already is praying for the PINK one…) Here is the fourth one – GREEN…. for that color I have one explanation… I saw green mirror and I fell in love with it…

At the beginning I thought I should give up the idea about green frame… Guess what happened… St. Patrick’s Day… So I could not help it and I started gluing green tiles… Today I finished the frame.

This time I was working much more faster again… practice is the key for better skills! For first hour I was asking myself why or why… one more time the same pattern, finally I found fun and the work was a pleasure. I hope I balanced the colors and texture of tiles, I did my best. 

Finally, I tried to take good pictures of the frame but the photos were not sharp. Only close photos were good enough to show them. So here they are. First step from yesterday and final result from today.

2010-03-17 Green Frame 2010-03-18 Green Frame 2010-03-18 Green Frame

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