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Posts from ‘April, 2010’


O my I can not stop thinking about the two pieces. First is made by Kelley Knickerbocker the other is made by Linda Jarousky. They witched me and I can not stop staring at them. I already planed my piece… Ship in the Sea. I wonder if I ever do it. Anyway it is nice [...]

Wooden frames

I found two new frames for my projects… not new… I will call it reuse/ recycle… Saving the world is our duty. I can not find new, new frames at all. Wooden frames in crafts shops are for crafts not for art, the wood is so light, you do not feel the quality in it… [...]

Spring in Box. Mosaic project.

Last missing picture!!!! Good for me we still have Spring This box is my vision of beautiful Spring when I feel like colors shout from every tree and every new flower. I wrote about it earlier, in this project I run away from my beloved squares… It was a nice break. Till that box I [...]

The Pink Frame

Pink pink pink…. finally with a photo. I tried to take photo two weeks ago and I just could not find right angle to not have sparkles all over. I am not so sure about the grout, somehow I do not feel comfortable with the gray grout, it looks like cement for me but I [...]

Mosaic Pendants part 3

Last set of pendants from March…. All of them are precious and all of them are loved. It was great experience to do them, to work with the idea, colors, shapes, compositions.     This tree started as a bunch of flowers… but my eyes could not accept the version and I added some leaves, [...]

People are amazing :)

I saw it on Mosaic Geek’s blog and I just have to share this… People have really great ideas… Have fun.

Mosaic Blue Set

Two weeks Blue Set was waiting for pictures. I needed break… and time to clean tiles. White tiles, millefiories show every single piece of gray grout… unbelievably. I ended up with magnifying glass in my hand when I was cleaning the white surfaces… Am I crazy… answer is “Maybe not crazy but eager” I was [...]

It is sad day…

For all Polish people in the world, I am so sorry we lost our president and others who were in the presidential air plane. I am very sorry for the families and their big lost.

Mosaic Pendants, part 2

This is the second set of pendants. I should have posted it earlier because the ideas for these pendants were the first I had in my head. I used squares one more time. I did not have to cut, polish the glass a lot or almost at all but it was not easy to find [...]

Mosaic Pendants, part 1

Finally I found time to prepare photos with my pendants. I can split them into three groups so this is the first one. Round pendants, glass rods and millefiori… and the result. With everyone of them there is a story… Two Flowers pendant did not have the grass first, my girlfriends saw it and gave [...]