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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Color Theory

Talking with Crystal, reading books about mosaic I found chapters about how to choose colors in the art. I usually choose colors instinctively, my eyes tell me what works and I just feel what looks good or not. It is great to know the facts standing behind my feelings, so I started looking for more [...]

Pink Rectangular Jewelry

I think it is the last jewelry set for May… Purple and pink were ruling with that one. The design is the same, I just spread it on the bracelet. This set was prepared for my friend, mom of one month old baby… Not only little kids deserve gifts, moms should get them too. Colors [...]

Brown Mosaic Jewelry Set

Another jewelry set. This time the pieces are in brown. Some time ago I was asked to prepare jewelry set for one lady. She liked my geometric design and she chose three colors: brown, tan and white. I had the idea to do brown pendant before the commission but I found a problem – brown [...]

Mosaic Tree in Bloom, Set

The end of May brought me ideas for sets… This one with tree was the first one in my mind… So finally the dream came true. I used stained glass and millefioris to make the design alive. I polished the glass by hand, cut the glass. The tree in bloom is my first tree in [...]

Summer in different ways… Mosaic Pendants

My colorful beads army helped me to prepare many pendants. It was a challenge to find backdrops to take pictures and make them interesting. I spent lots of time to find the right spots/ light/ angle… Every picture shows summer trip somewhere else. The blue pendant started the summer with first week at the sea… [...]

Blue Summer, Mosaic Pendant

The blue color is really great. You can feel the sea, sand and you are almost ready to pick up a shelf… Summer is closer and closer Can you feel it??? I love how great surprises are in stained glass. Try to cut it and check the edges… you will see the magic and richness [...]

Stained Glass Mosaic Pendant, Ship or Pyramid

I started that piece with red pendant idea. Unfortunately nothing worked and I had a big problem. I tried couple different patterns and none of them looked good. Next step was in my head, sea sunset. I had the orange from red idea and I added sea and sky. One more time I was not [...]

My Army… Glass Beads :)

How to not love them??? Glass beads in colors that I love have to be loved They are big helpers, they are my friends, square friends… In the sunny day, work with them gave me an idea… Simple session with beads as the main star. They are tasty, yummy, so colorful and rich. So, I [...]

Brown Pendant

I am working on Brown Pendant + Bracelet. One Lady ordered it telling me the kind of design I should follow and three colors she liked: brown, white and tan. This is what I prepared as an example. I have not glued the pieces. First I want to know if she would be happy with [...]

Pink Twins Mosaic Pendants

Pink, pink, pink… lots of friends like pink so I made two more pendants in pink. Even the pieces are almost the same, they still are unique. It is not easy to be creative in such a small frame but I love to work on it. For me they are puzzles ready to be solved. [...]