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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Two Girls, Two Mosaic Pendants

I had that smaller blank pendant for long time and I could not find pink rods to make a surprise for my daughter. At the same time I had my earlier composition with two flowers and she loved them a lot… Idea came in unexpected moment… I decided to make a set for us. Gosia [...]

Family, Two Mosaic Pendants

The two pieces will go to Poland!!! My friend ordered them for her mom and mom in-law. It is amazing, my work will travel home. Thank you, Aneta At the background I put our family sign my daughter’s teacher gave me today (you can see word Family). I was so touched by that gift. What [...]

Blue Mosaic in a Small Frame

My daughter graduates next Wednesday, so I asked the teacher about favorite color. It turned out blue had lots of fans. Now, I am master in that kind of design I can do it with closed eyes… One piece after another brings fun to me. Also taking pictures is easier and easier. It is a [...]

Mosaic Frame – Girl, WIP

New frame is “under construction” and my living room is working area right now I wanted to check new techniques and leave my safe zone. The little girl is only a beginning. It was nice to search for little figurines in mosaics, to check how people worked the subject out, how to shape the face, [...]

Blue Summer, Mosaic Frame

   I finished my blue frame. I grouted it, sealed the grout and the frame is ready!

Small Blue Frame WIP

Unexpectedly I was asked to do smaller version of blue frame… (GREAT news, people like my work and it is GREAT) Yesterday I solved the puzzle and today I glued the pieces to wooden frame, pictures were taken to test the final photos. I was scared a little bit to do another frame with the [...]

Tesserae, Andamento, Opus…

The names sound difficult but they are very friendly First I thought that there should be English words for mosaic theory… but after a while I accepted fact Italy is home for mosaic and some Italian words would not hurt me. I did some research, I found many people wrote about opera. There is nothing [...]