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Posts from ‘July, 2010’

Artist of the Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O wow, what a beginning of a day!!!! In Murano Millefiori newsletter I am Artist of the Month!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy, it is such an honor for me!!!!! Welcome if you are first time on my blog I hope you will like my work, my designs… It is my passion, my joy, my way [...]

Mosaic Flowers Everywhere

This is the last pendant from the newest group I made lately. I used these flowers second time, first I had two trees in the garden, now there is one big tree. As usual, I played with the shots. I hope the flowers will make people happy!

Tiny Mosaic Boat…

This little tiny boat is a remainder for me. I did not have lots of time to prepare pendants for art show and at the end I felt like I had to do as many as I could, I did not have enough time, I could not do new ideas… but I really wanted to [...]

Small Modern Mosaic

Modern Tree in modern background. I wonder if you know where I took that shot. It is another pendant for mosaic show, there are some more so day after day I will show them all. One more time I used the beautiful Millefioris. I have them from Crystal from her collection (very nice of her) [...]

The Great Tree

This pendant is my “dream come true”. All what is important is in the shape of the tree. It is beautiful old tree full of memories, life experience and grace. I put lots of my heart and my time in this piece. The light blue circle for background needed lots of attention. To cut a [...]

Fun with mosaic and photography.

I do not have any philosophy for these pieces. I had some pendants and I wanted to do sets, or I run out of some colors and decided to do more jewelry. I am preparing my jewelry for mosaic show. Tomorrow I will find out more details about it and the answer if my jewelry [...]