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Mosaic made by life

Collages Small My mom and niece visited me this summer!!!!!!!!! We spent very nice time together, were busy and traveled a lot…. and at the end we had many memories to keep in our harts :)

I did not have time to do mosaic but I had one moment with my niece when we did jewelry together (I have no pictures :( ) She was really creative and I was proud of her. We did earrings and her creations were just gorgeous… mine – very simple (pictures later).

My ladies helped me to take care of my daughter when I started the first job in US… new challenge, exhausted body and excitement…. I hope after a while I will find time for my hobby and return here with new pictures and new stories…

For the beginning, mosaic from July made by all of us, filled with memories that will keep me alive to the next time I see my family in Poland.

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