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Posts from ‘September, 2010’

Pink #7

PINK is popular color… I totally forgot about that piece – Pink Pendant #7. Made for my friend Fio. When she had her birthday I had my first week at work and I could not prepare the gift, I could not meet her… So generally I wished her all best after her special day but [...]


Plan was to do beads and I was expecting I would end up with necklace…  It was more than month ago… We ended up doing earrings… I took the class with my nice and we had lots of fun!!!! Looking at my earnings people can think… “not a big deal”… and it is true, they [...]

Last name: Busy.

Since I have started working I changed my last name to Busy. Everything came at the same time… I miss things but I do not regret my choices and I enjoy the time now. The job is a mix of my education (computer science), skills (my talent in my hands) and photography as the way [...]

Flowers in Pendants

It did not take too long for me to return to my corner My friend LeeAnn had birthday this week, so I prepared this small gift for her. For the first time after two months of break I made a tree – different than rest of my trees in the shape, new but old. It [...]