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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

The Winner is…

Wow, I had really busy week… Christmas is coming… so new version of coloring book will be soon available. Friends helped me to choose the main graphic for it. Christmas tree was the first idea but I had not interest in it… Santa came to my mind but got lost in the corridors and I [...]

Shapes Coloring Book

We are in the marketplace for Windows Phone 7 !!!!!! I feel excitement… Shapes Coloring Book is a coloring book that was created to help develop abstract thinking in the way the kid would not notice it and even more, the kid would have fun with it! All the coloring pages are made out of [...]

Good luck is with us

We had really good Halloween. Lots of funny time with friends, lots of candies. It turned out our Halloween Coloring Book was a hit!!! Kids loved it!!! In two weeks we jumped into the second position in our category for Windows Phone 7 apps. The SECOND place… It was great race to the top   [...]