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The Holidays Coloring Book: Time for Christmas!

I am proud to introduce our Holidays Coloring Book It is official!!!!! The application is ON AIR! December the 6th was THE day… our new app was published. We set it as holidays coloring book with all the holidays you can imagine. For now we have Halloween and Christmas but wait and you will see [...]

The Winner is…

Wow, I had really busy week… Christmas is coming… so new version of coloring book will be soon available. Friends helped me to choose the main graphic for it. Christmas tree was the first idea but I had not interest in it… Santa came to my mind but got lost in the corridors and I [...]

I met my model!!!!!!!!!

I met him… he is handsome and… perfect – he does what I ask for

Art class

Couple weeks ago I signed up for art class. I expected totally different classes for beginners…. Yeeeeeee. I was laughing with my husband I would have to draw still life… or naked models. The joke turn into reality. Below there are my first drawings. I wonder when I will meet the naked model