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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!! We wish you all happy time with family and friends. Over here is our Christmas tree farm… or story in pictures about how Christmas tree grows. We love our trees from Holidays Coloring Book. They bring joy to kids all over the world… perfect time to share with others… All best!!!

One Blue Memory… about Trip to Poland :)

I had GREAT summer!!! My family and I traveled back to Poland and had opportunity to meet family and friends. Before the trip, days were busy because of the gifts we wanted to prepare. It was great to work on pendants, bracelets. I had lots of creative time with my friend, with my daughter…. at [...]

Mosaic made by life

My mom and niece visited me this summer!!!!!!!!! We spent very nice time together, were busy and traveled a lot…. and at the end we had many memories to keep in our harts I did not have time to do mosaic but I had one moment with my niece when we did jewelry together (I [...]

It is sad day…

For all Polish people in the world, I am so sorry we lost our president and others who were in the presidential air plane. I am very sorry for the families and their big lost.

Mosaic can change your point of view :)

Last week I was working on many projects, at the end I had grouting party, I took pictures… I need more time to write about it but meanwhile I broke glass bowl… Normally I would feel pity for my bowl, clean the floor and it would be end of the story…. After cutting glass, working with [...]


Last post I wrote in May 2009… Lots of new things happened… My family moved to new place, this time same city, same country, same continent… lucky me not many changes at that point… We had beautiful summer, our daughter started Kindergarten… I started learning how to do mosaics… and here it is New Year [...]

Three things that made me happy today

1. A new, well working tripod (Targus TG-5060TR for only $14.99, the happiness – priceless) 2. 50 new people on Flicker in one week 3. Tasty lunch

Art class

Couple weeks ago I signed up for art class. I expected totally different classes for beginners…. Yeeeeeee. I was laughing with my husband I would have to draw still life… or naked models. The joke turn into reality. Below there are my first drawings. I wonder when I will meet the naked model

Day two

I try to find a nice, good looking theme for my blog… and nothing matches to my vision of it…. This green one, has an error inside… so it means I have to check how to build php sites… OK, work waits for me! One more news, more then 300 people visited my profile on [...]

The beginning

I bought my first fork which is older then 100 years… good day to start my blog This is my blog and my fork is Vintage 1904 – 1847 Rogers Bros.