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Changes for SUMMER!!!

With the new season behind the corner we have some changes… We changed the name Holidays Coloring Book into Fun Coloring Book. Now the application contains holidays and other happy events and brings fun all the year long. Are you ready for the summer? Prepare yourself with our new summer drawings… It was great to [...]

One Lost Pendant, Color Sprouts and Picasso…

I kept that piece in secret so my friend Crystal would not see it… good I remembered to give it to her… Almost two month later and it is the first time I am showing the Golden Fall here… This time colors combination was set up by my husband! I wanted brown, he added gold… [...]

Long break and Color Sprouts….

My live is spinning around faster and faster and it is hard to find minute for myself. Projects are waiting in my head but hands do not have time to make them… I need to end the break so my ideas could see the day light. That project was planned by my husband and I [...]


Plan was to do beads and I was expecting I would end up with necklace…  It was more than month ago… We ended up doing earrings… I took the class with my nice and we had lots of fun!!!! Looking at my earnings people can think… “not a big deal”… and it is true, they [...]

Pink Twins Mosaic Pendants

Pink, pink, pink… lots of friends like pink so I made two more pendants in pink. Even the pieces are almost the same, they still are unique. It is not easy to be creative in such a small frame but I love to work on it. For me they are puzzles ready to be solved. [...]

My Etsy shop!

I set up my Etsy shop!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I clicked million buttons, answered many questions and I put my pendants (some of them) for sale. I still have to work on my shopping policies, some statements…. but I can do it later, I hope So my shop’s address is and this is the beginning of [...]

My web site

I found theme for blog – the one I use now. I love it, it is all what I would like to have. Simple, elegant and functional – things that I look for in my live. So my next step is to convert my web site to look like the blog. After three days I am/ [...]