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Cinco de Mayo in Two Days

I forgot about that update. Kids already had time to enjoy the new coloring pages. All the best for everyone who celebrates this holiday.  

A New Icon for Holidays Coloring Book

OK it is not totally a new icon, it is the same idea modified to get the perfect look It will be visible to users after the next update when the summer vacation theme will be on air. So look for the summer update.

Be Green

Be GREEN and have fun with digital coloring pages for Earth Day!!! Save paper, trees and our Earth.

Easter is coming :)

Soon we will have Easter and our phone applications are almost ready   I went through all preparation, statistics checking, planning. I sketched the work schedule and now we execute point after point. New screenshots, lighter colors, extra drawings, new layout for drawings… changes, changes, changes…. all based on collected statistics and observation. Shapes Coloring [...]

Find your Pot of Gold!

A new holiday always brings a new adventure for me!!! This time I got to know all the details about St. Patrick’s Day. I still remember my first three drawings I did and my husband’s request for seventeen more… Now we have more than 200 drawings and more are coming…. I change EVERYTHING into coloring [...]

Have Valentine’s Day every day :)

So another special day inspired me and I drew new coloring pages… about LOVE.       All best for everyone. Have fun coloring my drawings. You can find them in the Holidays Coloring Book for Windows Phone 7. I hope coloring my coloring pages brings so much fun and pleasure as drawing them

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!! We wish you all happy time with family and friends. Over here is our Christmas tree farm… or story in pictures about how Christmas tree grows. We love our trees from Holidays Coloring Book. They bring joy to kids all over the world… perfect time to share with others… All best!!!

The Holidays Coloring Book: Time for Christmas!

I am proud to introduce our Holidays Coloring Book It is official!!!!! The application is ON AIR! December the 6th was THE day… our new app was published. We set it as holidays coloring book with all the holidays you can imagine. For now we have Halloween and Christmas but wait and you will see [...]

The Winner is…

Wow, I had really busy week… Christmas is coming… so new version of coloring book will be soon available. Friends helped me to choose the main graphic for it. Christmas tree was the first idea but I had not interest in it… Santa came to my mind but got lost in the corridors and I [...]

Shapes Coloring Book

We are in the marketplace for Windows Phone 7 !!!!!! I feel excitement… Shapes Coloring Book is a coloring book that was created to help develop abstract thinking in the way the kid would not notice it and even more, the kid would have fun with it! All the coloring pages are made out of [...]