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Shapes Coloring Book

Shapes Coloring Book

We are in the marketplace for Windows Phone 7 !!!!!! I feel excitement…

Shapes Coloring Book is a coloring book that was created to help develop abstract thinking in the way the kid would not notice it and even more, the kid would have fun with it!

All the coloring pages are made out of geometrical shapes. You play with them, you get to know them, you recognize shapes looking at everyday things…. and you are in the middle of the matrix Smile 

For kids the application gives very nice way to start the journey with geometric shapes… nothing looks difficult after the play time with a robot, an ice cream or a girl made out of circles, rectangles, triangles… and more….

I am really curious how the application will be received by users. I used my math skills, teaching abilities, artistic soul, my computer science background, added my husband programming ideas and WE built that product TOGETHER.

Please, keep your fingers cross for us!

Good luck is with us

We had really good Halloween. Lots of funny time with friends, lots of candies.

It turned out our Halloween Coloring Book was a hit!!! Kids loved it!!! In two weeks we jumped into the second position in our category for Windows Phone 7 apps. The SECOND place… It was great race to the top Smile 

Funny HalloweenMy husband admitted I had great intuition. What could be better…. I am proud of our family. The team work was a pleasure for us. We were organized, focused and our work was effective. We reached the top. The satisfaction we have is priceless.

Soon (very soon) we will release a new project…. Shapes Coloring Book… All the drawings are done with vector graphic. In May I had idea how to help little kids to get to know basic geometrical shapes… I mixed my skills, learned new software (MS Expression Design) and prepare more than 45 pages… Lately I had time to put all the elements together and I hope this week the app will deliver fun to kids from different parts of the world.

More details to come Smile



Two weeks ago I came home and it happened…. dinner, homework with my daughter…. my hands wanted to do something more…. and that was the beginning of Halloween Coloring Book. After 15 new coloring pages my husband came and said “It looks good”. I got the first good review!!!!! Week later we were in marketplace for Windows Phone 7 and we started AMAZING trip around the world…

We visited so many places with spooky and funny coloring pages, so many happy kids Smile

Today we were featured in this post Pinworthy: 5 fun Halloween apps for Windows Phone SO COOL!!!!

It is great to put all the pieces together and be happy looking at the product.

Creativity can have different faces… This time it was a spooky face for Halloween.

One Blue Memory… about Trip to Poland :)

2011-07-22 Blue PendantI had GREAT summer!!! My family and I traveled back to Poland and had opportunity to meet family and friends.

Before the trip, days were busy because of the gifts we wanted to prepare. It was great to work on pendants, bracelets. I had lots of creative time with my friend, with my daughter…. at the end we had gifts for everyone! I called them my army: pink, blue, brown, red, some with flower some without flowers… I think there were 10 pieces… Smile Each of them was special and ended up with a special friend. It was pleasure to see happy faces, happy ladies… It is always nice to give your joy to others!!!!

I do not have pictures of all the pieces of the little treasure. I saved only one – the Blue Pendant with new color ideas, with the white and blue mini mosaic design. We did not have time for pictures… time was running to fast… but we took photos of beautiful old buildings… soon I will prepare mosaic made by life.

My daughter’s masterpiece :)

Here it is my sweet daughter’s painting. We also need the final picture of it.

2011-05-30 Gosi ogrod 04Gosia is very proud of her creation.

As you can see, she used the same technique, she was really good at following the steps.

We both learned a lot.

I was painting!!!

This is my new creation step after step (the final photo is not ready yet).

2011-05-30 Maki 012011-05-30 Maki 022011-05-30 Maki 032011-05-30 Maki 042011-05-30 Maki 052011-05-30 Maki 06

My friend invited me over with the idea we would paint together. I took my artistic daughter with me and three of us started painting. We were painting all day and my friend taught us how to paint using her technique. It was great, I learned so much. I also had chance to watch my daughter talking with other artist… priceless, I was so proud of my daughter!!!

PoppiesSo my inspiration was a painting of poppies by Carol Nelson The lady loves poppies and so do I. I hope it is OK to post the original painting here. Take a look.

I love the colors, the composition, the texture. I love the sky… Beth told me to paint from nature, from photos not paintings but it was too late I already glued myself to that painting Smile

First step was to draw the poppies. I have been dreaming about poppies for a long time and I have never been brave enough to try…. I did it, I draw and I was happy about it. Friend told me “Good, now move on and draw more….” So finally all the poppies were ready. I thought I passed the hardest part at the beginning…..

Step two – paint the outlines…. how or how I could destroy my beautiful sketch with BLACK paint…. The poppies should be red/ orange/ OK yellow…. but not black…. but I had to trust my artist…. After that step I was in love with it… even black and white would be perfect enough to hang in our living room… Smile

Step three – sky, scary but very nice part to do, everything had to be blue, paper towel help a lot to get what I wanted. All the tips Beth generously shared with me were GREAT!

Step four – grass… I did not like it at all, I still do not like it in some places… Now I know on what part I have to work more in the future.

Next steps were just fabulous, poppies, poppies…. all over. I discover I preferred visible canvas’ texture, less paint on canvas, less texture of paint.

I have more plans… Beth is really penitent. I am SO grateful for all her effort, her time, her knowledge Smile

I would love to post my daughter’s painting but I have to ask her first… soon it will be midnight, she is only 7 years old… so I will let her sleep.

May 15th

7 hours of great company, joy, work and delicious food… The result – pendants…

The Red Summer

Summer 0001 SmallSummer 0002 SmallSummer 002 SmallSummer 007 Small

one more tree…

2011-05-15 A New Tree 012011-05-15 A New Tree 022011-05-15 A New Tree 03

and the old two trees blooming this year again Smile

2011-05-15 Greckie i Polskie 012011-05-15 Greckie i Polskie 02

It was great to work together LeeAnn. Thank you!

Easter, Spring….

Happy Easter

Last hours of Easter… and here are my wishes.  All best for everyone! Have a nice sunny spring!!!

The picture is a coloring page from Color Sprouts – our Windows Phone 7 application. Two years ago I made Easter decorations with these shapes, this year I made coloring page Smile

Flowers for Spring

So here we have SPRING!!!!!! All best for EVERYONE Smile

Spring Flowers

Eighth element :)

2011-02-24, Pink #8 It is eighth pink pendant. The same like rest of them and totally different from the earlier seventh… This is the magic of mosaic, glass and new version of old idea.